baramundi Management Suite

The baramundi Management Suite (bMS) combines Patch Management, Software Deployment, OS-Installation, Enterprise Mobility Management, Vulnerability Management, and other capabilities in a consistent interface and central database. bMS optimizes IT management by automating routine tasks and providing an extensive overview of network and endpoint status. It relieves pressure on IT administrators and ensures that users always have the necessary applications and rights on desktops, servers, notebooks and mobile devices. Over 3,000 customers worldwide benefit from baramundi’s nearly two decades of experience and its comprehensive, easy-to-use solution.

Key Features

As management assignments are split into jobs, the baramundi Management Suite gives you full control over all tasks at all times.

  • Catalogs computers and your network environment
  • Enables the automated installation and updating of operating systems
  • Provides your system with the software you need
  • Installs all the required patches for Microsoft products
  • Prepares standard software updates and patches for distribution
  • Performs data backup and ensures data security
  • Can be easily integrated into any IT structure
  • Shares inventory data with any third-party applications via interfaces
  • Provides precise information about the status of the entire network and individual endpoints
  • Manages devices located externally, e.g. in hotels or in home offices
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