BitRecover VDI Recovery Wizard

BitRecover VDI Recovery Wizard is advanced software to recover data from corrupted and damaged VirtualBox VDI or VBOX files. This VDI Recovery Software is specially designed to restore Oracle VirtualBox created VDI (Virtual Disk Images) files. This application allows recovering important data from Oracle VirtualBox VDI files in actual formatting.

VirtualBox VDI Recovery Software Features and Benefits

  1. Allows to recover data from broken and crashed Oracle VirtualBox Virtual machines saved as VDI or VBOX file extensions.
  2. Restore VDI file data from common file systems NTFS & FAT used on virtual machines.
  3. Recover permanently deleted files and folders from VirtualBox VDI (Virtual Disk Images) files.
  4. Restore Oracle VirtualBox data from formatted virtual disk partitions of VDI files.
  5. Recover data from missing or lost, deleted, or raw VDI Virtual Disk Partitions.
  6. If your VirtualBox virtual machine is unable to start or showing a black screen error-message then you ca restore important data from VDI files.
  7. VDI Recovery Tool is capable to recover data from both fixed & dynamic VirtualBox Virtual Drive Images (VDI).
  8. The tool allows to select specific folders from VDI files to restore them in the local computer.
  9. Advanced search option is most beneficial to find out specific information from the whole VDI database.
  10. There is no size limitation to recover data from Oracle VirtualBox VDI files.

Oracle VirtualBox VDI Recovery Tool comes with multiple advanced features. It offers multiple recovery modes like Deleted Data Recovery, Formatted Data Recovery, Partition Data Recovery, Raw Data Recovery, etc. The tool comes with a free demo edition so that users can check its working process by recovering important data and preview in software panel. If you want to save recovered data then you need to upgrade it to pro edition.

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