CionSystems GPOManager

CionSystems GPOManager offers a mechanism to control important operations on Group Policy within Active Directory such as GPO workflow management, check in/check out, change control, backup/restore, reports and rollback-is needed to effectively manage GPOs across the enterprise. GPOs, Scope of Management links, and WMI filters are backed up in a secure, distributed manner and then placed under version control.

GPOManager offers following benefits and more

  • Simplifies and automates critical tasks, reduces outages by eliminating manual process and scripts
  • Helps prove compliance to ITIL, MOF, SOX, Basel II, HIPAA and C-198.
  • Improves availability and disaster recovery via backup and rollback capabilities.
  • Simplifies the enforcement of enterprise-wide business policies by enabling streamlined GPO control via workflow.
  • Simplifies and improves network security by restricting access to production GPOs.
  • Gives Active Directory administrators and security personnel’s control of GPO changes, to eliminate system outages and security exposures
  • Allows administrators to edit and test GPOs and have them approved before they are deployed
  • Provides a way to quickly roll back changes
  • Archives all GPO settings
  • Leverages, complements and extends native Microsoft technology, including Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), to strengthen infrastructure investments


  • Version Comparisons: Quickly verify setting consistency and improve GPO auditing with advanced, side-by-side GPO version comparisons at different intervals.
  • Enhanced Group Policy Comparison and side-by-side two distinct GPO’S , two Versions and with Existing GPO with a Checkout copy GPO comparisons to verify setting consistency.
  • GPO history and Compare: to record all changes to GPO’s
  • Delete version history: to manage and reduce size of backup store
  • Undo GPO changes: Rolled back to previous versions.
  • Approval-based workflow: process to ensure that changes adhere to change management best practices before their deployment.
  • Configure workflow: to enable organizational requirements and set for specified users or groups on edit settings, cloak and uncloak and lock and unlock.
  • Workflow Commenting: Track the request, review and approval process with comments and e-mail notifications at any stage.
  • Scheduling: Enable approved changes to be implemented immediately or on a schedule.
  • Microsoft Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) for familiar look and feel.
  • Cloaking: Hidden pre-production GPS from all but selected administrators.
  • GPO check-in and check-out to prevent simultaneous editing conflicts.
  • GPO locking: to prevent unwanted changes to product GPOs.
  • Backup and Restore: Schedules the ALL GPO’s Backup or selected GPO’s to be taken at a specified date and time
  • Delegation and permissions management: Delegates or provide Read, Edit, Apply Permissions on GPO to Users
  • Day to Day task : Perform common GPO Actions/Tasks like Create , Edit, Delete, Link, Rename ,Backup, Import, Restore GPO, add comments to GPO, View, Enable, Disable
  • Manage security: Apply Filters to GPO
  • Copy /Paste : Create a duplicate GPO with same settings
  • Reports: Creates Report of all GPO’S at a specified Location.
  • Advance Categorizing: Easily find GPOS that are Linked , Unlinked, Orphaned, Disabled, Deleted etc.
  • Replication: To replicate the data among the Available domain controllers
  • Delegation: To grant Permission for Users to create GPO. To Apply WMI Filter.
  • Grant Permission on All GPO’s: To grant permission for users on all GPO’s to read, Edit ,delete.
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