CoreView Office 365 Health Check

CoreView Office 365 Health Check is a comprehensive Office 365 deep scan, analysis and assessment of your entire Microsoft SaaS environment. This assessment provides a complete overview of Office 365 license costs, security vulnerabilities and compliance issues, and overall usage activities for workloads inside your environment. Your customized CoreView Health Check report addresses these issues:

  • Does your enterprise have complex Office 365 delegated administration and RBAC requirements?
  • Are you looking to mitigate risks by eliminating repetitive manual tasks with automated workflows?
  • Do you have a foolproof way to ensure your users comply with corporate policies?

CoreView professionalizes your Office 365 administration, secures your operations, and makes IT a strategic asset for user productivity. You will also:

  • Save 30% or more on license costs
  • Double application utilization, double end user productivity, and double Office 365 ROI
  • Stop users from spreading malware
  • Fix insecure passwords
  • Move vulnerable users to MFA
  • Make your admins’ lives easier

The Office 365 Health Check Action plan saves money, dramatically boosts end user productivity, secures Office 365, and automates common admin tasks — taking Office 365 management to the next level.

The Health Check report highlights four categories:

  • License cost savings
  • License usage optimization
  • Security and compliance
  • Driving application adoption

Significant cost savings come from identifying unassigned or inactive licenses and reducing these costs through carefully curated license management, license redeployment, re-harvesting, and the re-assignment of inactive licenses.

To ensure a safe environment, the Office 365 Health Check assessment comprehensively identifies vulnerabilities and security compliance risks in your implementation of Office 365.

Driving users to adopt services is key to maximizing return on investment for Office 365 and improving end-user productivity. The Office 365 Health Check report shows current service usage of the main application and service workloads in your tenant. The data include the number of users who have used a specific service, along with users who are not using services they are licensed for.

This way, you deeply monitor the workload usage and drive inactive workloads such as those workers that don’t use Microsoft Teams. Changing user work habits maximizes the return on your investment and your users’ productivity.

Finally, the Health Check shows you how to implement a granular Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) policy. This enables your organization to assign administrative privileges to operators that appropriately matches their responsibilities.

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