EventSentry is a powerful monitoring solution that provides your IT team with actionable network data that drives intelligent IT decisions—in real-time. Reliable, secure, scalable, and easily-deployed, EventSentry will enhance the performance, compliance and security of your network. Save time, prevent disasters and reduce TCO with one of the most cost-effective monitoring solutions on the market. New users are up and running in minutes and can easily adapt the solution to suit their needs—with award-winning customer service at their fingertips.

Key Features

  • Event Log Monitoring & Correlation
    Real-Time event log monitoring and correlation which supports advanced features such as thresholds, recurring events, timers, insertion strings and more.
  • Active Directory Change Monitoring
    Tracks AD object changes down to the attribute level including before & after values, group policy changes and provides user status reports.
  • Compliance Tracking
    Track file/registry access activity, processes and console logons, successful or failed network logons, account management and more to help with PCI, HIPAA, CJIS, SOX and other compliance requirements.
  • Notifications
    16 different notification types including: Email, Syslog, SNMP Traps, HTTP(S), Jabber (IM), database, SNPP, RSS, text file, network, processes, reboot, service control, desktop and more.
  • Log File Monitoring & Correlation
    Monitors and correlates any log file (e.g. IIS, DHCP, Backup, Firewall) in real-time and sends alerts upon matching text. Create custom views for structured log files.
  • Lightweight Monitoring
    EventSentry’s agents monitor your hosts without affecting the performance of the monitored hosts, while also minimizing network bandwidth usage. EventSentry is also an economical solution that fits most budgets.
  • NetFlow
    Visuzalizes NetFlow and sFlow data and provides detailed reporting like bandwidth usage. Sysmon integration correlates process network activit with NetFlow data.
  • Central Collector Service
    Supports data collection over insecure mediums (e.g. Internet) through strong TLS encryption. Also supports local caching and compression.
  • Extensive Inventory
    Inventories installed software, patches as well as hardware information, including VM inventory (VMWare© and Hyper-V©). Shows physical switch port mappings and managed hardware info when available.
  • Web Reporting
    Modern web-reporting with dashboards, granular access control, flexible reporting, jobs engine and visualization tools. Extensive API to access data from 3rd party software. Works with all major browsers and mobile devices.
  • Comprehensive System Health Monitoring
    Keeps track of all important system metrics like disk & folder usage, performance metrics, reboots, critical OS files and more.
  • Heartbeat Monitoring
    Centrally monitors the uptime of hosts and TCP services and provides availability stats.
  • Process, Services & Scheduled Tasks
    Pro-actively monitors services, scheduled tasks and stand-alone processes. Failed processes and services can be restarted automatically.
  • Syslog/SNMP/ARP Daemon
    Collects Syslog messages and SNMP traps (v1-v3) centrally from Unix/Linux hosts and/or network devices. Alerts matching configured rulesets can be dispatched in real-time.
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