Exclaimer Outlook Photos

Connect with colleagues – put photo IDs on Outlook and Microsoft Exchange email.
Put them on every Outlook email, SharePoint profile and Microsoft Skype for Business conversation with anyone on your Exchange server.

Create a friendlier corporate culture with Outlook Photos: every Outlook email between peers shows a photo ID for that contact – put a face to a name.

Batch-import multiple photos at once: select the folder or drive with your photos, and migrate them all in a single click. File names can be automatically matched to users’ Active Directory names: a ‘KarenGreen.jpg’ could be added automatically to Karen Green’s profile.

It auto-crops images to fit the ‘people pane’ in Outlook, ensuring every image fits the format, without effort from you – so it’s team-building without being back-breaking.

You get all the staff connection of face-to-face interaction, at the speed of digital communication – for free.

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