Exclaimer Signature Manager Outlook Edition

Exclaimer Signature Manager Outlook Edition is the multi-award-winning solution for managing and distributing Outlook and OWA signatures. You don’t need Exchange and no Outlook add-ins are required. You can give users multiple signatures so they can even manually select the one they want from Outlook’s drop-down menu.

The powerful editor lets you combine images, text and fields to create compelling signatures. With our flexible and intuitive rules engine, you can assign different signatures based on Active Directory groups, OU or any other attribute. Fields get completed using AD data and our comprehensive rule tester lets you check everything before deployment.

Install it on any Windows machine in your network – PC or server – such as on a computer in the marketing department. Add campaign banners under your signature for a set period, which are automatically replaced when it ends. Let users ‘Follow’ or ‘Share’ your social media profile through clickable buttons in your email. Add a dynamically generated QR code, with dynamic merge fields that are personalized with each user’s details.

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