Goverlan Reach

Goverlan enables you to seamlessly support all your users, no matter where they are, and without the need for a VPN.

Securely Access Users and Systems Within Seconds, in and Outside of Your Network

  • Share the screen, keyboard and mouse without disconnecting the user
  • Seamlessly support corporate users as they roam in and out of network
  • On-demand assistance of any user over the internet
  • Access and log into unattended machines

Monitor Screen Activity and Health Status of Groups of Machines

  • View multiple systems at once and detect issues or undesired activity—live!
  • Spot performance issues by monitoring CPU, disk, memory and network activity levels
  • Create custom layouts of groups of machines and screens; save and reopen them with a single click

Access Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Services User Sessions

  • Connect to a Citrix or Microsoft TS server and view RDP user session status live
  • Provide a user ID and query the Citrix or Microsoft TS server on which the user session is located
  • Shadow user sessions and share the screen, keyboard and mouse

Collaborate on Resolutions by Inviting Other Operators to Join a Session

  • Share screen and controls with multiple support engineers
  • Communicate with your users via text or audio chat
  • Save information via screen snapshots or video recording

Centralized Configuration and Auditing

  • Centrally define operator feature access, client approval
    process and notifications via policies
  • Centrally audit remote assistance sessions including operator background management actions

Activate the Curtain Mode to Mask the End-users Screen While You Perform Admin Duties.

Prevent someone physically present at a host machine from seeing what a remote control operator is doing while a session is in progress. This feature is particularly useful for kiosk maintenance and can also be used to protect restricted information.

HIPAA Compliance

Read HIPAA compliance whitepaper to learn how Goverlan complies with the legislation while providing tools to safeguard access to electronic protected health information (ePHI) across your organization.

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