Indydesk Sales

Indydesk Sales is a simple, easy to use, customizable sales CRM tool to manage all your leads, pipelines, tasks, & team. It covers all the major touch-points in the sales journey from a lead to a customer. It helps you to achieve more sales with less stress. With our tool, you could easily handle the following activities:

  1. Visualize & analyze Your Revenue Opportunities
  2. Create Custom Pipelines & assign leads in stages
  3. Integrate Your Lead Source & automatically fill leads
  4. Import your existing leads & perform actions
  5. Prioritize More Leads With Pipeline
  6. Put more efforts on leads with high conversion probability
  7. Create, assign & handle tasks among your team with ease
  8. Manage Meetings & Appointments
  9. Don’t let your meetings & appointments missed
  10. Customize & Save Your Report DashBoard
  11. View all your sales metrics under a single dashboard.
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