Lansweeper’s network inventory tool allows for a global network inventory and IT inventory asset management. Lansweeper is praised as the best network inventory scanner due to the unique agentless network inventory capabilities which provides unmatched details about hardware, software, users, network, warranty and much more. Network device inventory gives you a full overview of all switches, printers, routers, firewalls, music systems, IP cameras and any other network device in your network.

Keeping tabs of what is going on in your network can be a tedious job. Relying on Excel spreadsheets to control your IT inventory means you have to perform manual updates for every change, and even then you are never sure that you have an accurate and complete overview of your network.

An automated network discovery solution would be a much more logical way to manage your IT environment. However, most solutions require you to install a client on every machine before you can get started. That is a time-consuming job, especially if you have an extensive network. And it assumes you already have an up-to-date overview of all your devices in the first place.

Lansweeper’s DeepScan technology discovers networks of all sizes. It automatically explores any IT environment using a wide range of network protocols. Depending on the asset types found, the scanning engine then retrieves all kinds of device specific hardware information, as well as an extensive list of installed software and user logon information.

After gathering the data from your network, you can use Lansweeper’s built in reporting tools to identify risks, support cost-saving decisions, keep track of your hardware warranties and so on. Take direct control of your assets and initiate remote control sessions, reset user passwords, deploy software updates and so forth. The possibilities are endless.

Key Benefits

  • Manufacturing environment management
    Manage your manufacturing environment by ensuring you have all the information.
  • Active Directory Management
    Create a clear overview of all the assets and users in your active directory (AD)
  • Installing Software and Updates
    Face the challenge of keeping your software and operating systems up to date.
  • User Management
    Discover, analyze and control the users in your IT environment through User Management.
  • Network Security
    Address the challenge of Network Security by having all the right information on all your IT assets at your fingertips.
  • Mobile Device Scanning
    Challenge With a growing number of mobiles devices, mobile device management platforms to control and secure these devices become mandatory.
  • Cloud Asset Management
    Challenge As more and more IT infrastructure is moving to cloud services such as AWS and Azure, a hybrid network
  • Windows Performance Counter Monitoring
    Challenge Computer systems are a cornerstone in every organization, therefore monitoring these systems have become a fundamental task of the
  • IT Asset Management
    Take the next step in successful IT Asset Management and get a complete and accurate overview
  • Software Inventory & License Audit
    Use Lansweeper to automatically scan your network on software on Windows, Linux and Mac devices
  • IT Network Inventory
    Create a comprehensive IT network inventory. Scan your network without the need for installed agents.
  • Agentless Network Discovery
    Get your network management up and running as fast as possible with agentless scanning methods
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