Lepide Active Directory Self Service

Lepide Active Directory Self Service is a simple web-based solution that allows you to delegate tasks such as password reset, and account unlock. This solution also gives you the ability to authorize co-workers to perform these tasks without having to call IT. Ultimately this solution makes it easier for the user, easier for the administrator and easier for the whole organization to handle the task of updating Active Directory.

  • Delegate Active Directory Updates and Password Resets to Your Users
    Using a simple web-based interface, you can transfer control of tasks such as password resets, personal information updates and account lockout tasks to the end users. The solution also allows end users to authorize co-workers to reset passwords and perform account unlocks on their behalf. No longer will you have to manually handle such tasks. Increase your productivity through less downtime and more account control.
  • Give Users the Ability to Unlock Accounts
    This solution fully integrates with GINA/CP so your users can reset their passwords even when they are locked out. Users simply need to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete as they normally would and are met with a series of questions and answers (or use an OTP), to regain access. GINA integration can be deployed either through a bulk script via GPO, through local, direct installation or via an agent that can be automatically deployed from within the main console.
  • Get a Bird’s Eye View of User Activity
    A web-based, intuitive dashboard helps you spotting specific trends such as account lockouts, password resets, enrollment data, users not enrolled, overall activity over last seven days and user status. It’s an easy and visual way to keep tabs on your Active Directory identity management and to help spot potential abuse or issues.
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