ManageEngine Browser Security Plus

Browser Security Plus helps IT admins combat web-based attacks and it helps provide visibility on browser usage trends, tracks the websites visited by users, restricts access to the web, enforces security configurations, controls browser add-ons while ensuring compliance with stipulated browser security standards.

Browser usage trends and visibility

Detect the various browsers used across your network, including which browsers are used as the default browser, which need an update, which browser extensions and plug-ins are used across your network, and which among them are potentially dangerous. Track website visits and downloads initiated by users.

Policies for web protection

Browser Security Plus includes a web filter feature that blocks websites that IT admins want restricted. This provides a blacklist/whitelist functionality enabling access to select URLs to be restricted or allowed. Supporting this is a feature called Browser Lockdown that enables IT admins to render the browser in the form of kiosk, so that only certain websites can be accessed. Users will not be able to access the address bar or menu bar of the browser. Browser Security Plus also enables IT admins to implement a Download Filter that allows for access and viewing of designated websites, but can stop users from initiating downloads from these specific websites.

Use of browser add-ons can be monitored and controlled with the Add-on management feature. You can review the list of add-ons that could be potentially harmful, and you can disable them on users’ browsers. You can also silently distribute mission critical add-ons to users.

Compliance to security standards

You can monitor the compliance of browsers to the Center for Internet Security (CIS) best practices, and the Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs). You can remediate non-compliant computers by deploying necessary security policies. You can also create your own compliance template with necessary security standards that you follow in your organization.

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