ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer is a unified, flow-based bandwidth monitoring and traffic analysis tool that monitors, analyzes, and reports on what your network bandwidth is being used for and by whom. It offers real-time visibility into traffic patterns, helping you troubleshoot bandwidth management issues before they spiral out of control.

Highlights of NetFlow Analyzer

User-friendly UI and customizable dashboard
NetFlow Analyzer offers a user-friendly UI, complete with an interactive getting started guide to ensure users get the most out of the product. View all your vital reports on a single screen with the customizable dashboard to convert raw data into insights with ease.

Real-time bandwidth monitoring and traffic analysis
Monitor and analyze bandwidth usage and traffic at the interface level with NetFlow Analyzer, and get real-time visibility into traffic patterns and network performance.

Support for multiple vendors and flow technologies
NetFlow Analyzer supports all major flow formats like NetFlow, sFlow, cflow, JFlow, Flexible NetFlow (FNF), IPFIX, NetStream, and Appflow, and devices by Cisco, 3COM, Juniper, Foundry Networks, Hewlett-Packard, Extreme Networks, and other leading vendors.

Network forensics and security analysis
Ensure 100 percent network security by leveraging the power of NetFlow Analyzer’s Continuous Stream Mining Engine for network behavioral analysis. The Advanced Security Analytics module helps detect internal and external security threats, DDoS attacks, zero-day attacks, and network anomalies.

App-centric monitoring for shaping app traffic
NetFlow Analyzer classifies app traffic, identifies bandwidth hogs, and helps you shape traffic based on priority.

Capacity planning and billing
Identify and plan your future bandwidth requirements with capacity planning reports, and generate on-demand billing.

Reports: Consolidate, customize, and troubleshoot
NetFlow Analyzer helps you customize and automate traffic analysis reports for troubleshooting bandwidth issues and performing in-depth traffic analysis.

Set threshold-based alerts so you’re the first to know when there is a bandwidth usage violation in your network.

Department-wise bandwidth monitoring
Monitor bandwidth usage based on the different groups in your organization, and identify the bandwidth consumption of individual departments.

Mobile app
With NetFlow Analyzer’s mobile app, you can monitor your network traffic anywhere, anytime.

NetFlow Analyzer’s license options are based on the number of interfaces to be monitored, with transparent and affordable pricing.

We also offer free comprehensive training sessions, live webinars, and demos from time to time to help users get started with the initial settings and develop a better understanding of NetFlow Analyzer’s features and improvements.

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