PlateSpin Migrate

PlateSpin Migrate is a powerful multiplatform server portability solution  that automates the process of moving servers over the network between physical systems, virtual hosts, and the cloud. PlateSpin Migrate remotely decouples servers from the underlying platform and streams them to and from physical or virtual hosts and the cloud—all from a single point of control.

PlateSpin Migrate provides service providers, systems integrators, and enterprises with a mature, proven solution for quickly and efficiently migrating large numbers of servers across  infrastructure boundaries, across the data center floor or around the globe.

Anywhere-to-Anywhere Migration for All Servers

Modern data centers employ a mix of different hardware platforms, operating systems, and cloud and virtualization technologies that just work together for operational efficiency, agility and business growth. PlateSpin Migrate reduces cost, complexity and risk in the data center by working nimbly in this complex environment. It provides a unified approach to solving critical IT challenges.

Improve the Speed and Quality of Cloud and Data Center Migration  Initiatives

  • Cloud and Data Center Migrations – Shorten timelines for large-scale migration projects. Whether you’re changing virtualization platforms or moving servers to the cloud, PlateSpin Migrate helps you finish faster with maximum automation and minimal downtime.
  • Data Center Relocation – Reduce the time and effort required to relocate your data center by streaming live or offline servers directly from one location to another over a wide area network (WAN).
  • Server and Data Center Consolidation – Quickly and easily consolidate servers from physical systems to virtual machines or new hardware by automating the migration phase of your consolidation initiative.
  • Hardware Lease Migration – Rapidly move servers from end-of-lease systems to new, high-performance hardware with fast and efficient physical-to-physical (P2P) server migrations.

Reduce Risks and Downtime of Server Migration

PlateSpin Migrate helps to avoid downtime by reducing risks associated with server migration. Its Server Sync capability enables live testing as an embedded part of the server migration process—with no disruption to production systems. What’s more, you can repeatedly test and sync as often as desired, making it easy to schedule testing from different application groups. Regular, scheduled data synchronizations also work to minimize the downtime required for the final cutover into production.

Key Features

  • Anywhere-to-Anywhere Server Migration – Automatically configure any server to operate on a new target platform. PlateSpin Migrate supports all of the leading cloud and virtualization solutions—including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, VMware vSphere, ESX and ESXi, and Microsoft Hyper-V, as well as multiple operating systems and hardware configurations. And with a continually-updated database of over 55,000 hardware drivers, and the ability for you to add your own custom drivers, PlateSpin Migrate ensures the widest array of hardware and platform support. PlateSpin Migrate makes all driver, kernel, and other necessary configuration changes automatically, so you can be sure servers will run as expected in the new environment.
  • Server Sync – Allows you to perform an initial transfer to the target site or host, and then test the target server in the new location, all while continuing to run the source server. You can then perform a single incremental  replication once testing is complete, to ensure the target server matches the source. Or, for longer, more in-depth testing of applications, you can schedule multiple ad-hoc or recurring incremental replications. Server Sync accelerates the migration life-cycle and removes the need for multiple full replications.
  • Block-Level Replication – Move highly transactional servers, such as mail servers and database servers, with high-speed block-level replication. Once the initial copy is complete, PlateSpin Migrate uses proprietary block-based transfer protocols to replicate only the changed portions of files to the new location at each synchronization. This dramatically speeds up these synchronizations, and minimizes the amount of data to be copied, as well as the time needed for final cutover.
  • Scalability – Dramatically reduce the time required to complete large-scale cloud and data center migration projects. PlateSpin Migrate enables up to 40 simultaneous server migrations. Need to migrate even more servers even faster? Since PlateSpin Migrate is licensed by the number of servers you migrate, not the number of times you install the software, you can deploy an unlimited number of PlateSpin Migrate instances across your data centers at no additional cost.
  • On-the-Fly Configuration – Reconfigure and adjust CPU, disk, memory, and network resources on the fly as part of the migration process.


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