Priasoft Outlook Profile Update Manager For Office 365 And Exchange

The Priasoft Profile Update Manager is a powerful Migration and Monitoring application used to automate Outlook client profile migrations.

Using the Priasoft Profile Update Manager you can proactively monitor, control, and update Outlook client profiles from a single location without the need to visit each desktop as part of an Exchange migration to Office 365 or Exchange On-prem.

Key Benefits of Outlook Profile Update Manager

  • Any Version Support From A Single Solution
    Running mixed versions of Outlook, Windows, and service packs is no problem! In today’s Microsoft Windows network we almost always seem to find a mix of Windows XP, 2000, 2003, 7, 10, and 2012 to support, perhaps all with various levels of service packs, and generally to make matters worse we have mixed versions of Outlook 97, 98, 2000, 2003, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. With all these variables to consider, deploying any application in this environment would be extremely painful and prone to constant troubleshooting. Not with the Priasoft Profile Update Manager.
  • No Desktop Visits Necessary
    Do you really want to visit each and every desktop, locate PST files, record off-line settings, custom signatures, recreate the profile, and add all these settings back? Not only is this an excruciatingly painful proposition, it’s also is prone to errors and greatly reduces the number of migrations you can complete during any given day, prolonging your project. The Profile Update Manager automates this process and preserves the profile settings, all without any user interaction
  • Be Proactive Vs. Reactive Using Our Heads-Up Display
    Being in the dark is never fun. Our heads-up display reports in real time the status of Outlook clients on your workstations so you always know the status of the migration. The heads-up display can be deployed to helpdesk and other personnel to allow real time proactive monitoring of Outlook Profile Migrations.
  • Deployment Is Simple And Takes Less Than 15 Minutes
    We all like simple and our deployment is just that, simple. To deploy the solution, all that’s required is to create a shared folder on any windows server in your environment and then simply execute the Profile Manager executable via a login script or a group policy. Then, when users login to the environment, the profiles are updated automatically without any end user interaction.
  • Works With Delegate And Additional Mailboxes In Outlook Profiles
    The application will locate and update delegate and any additional mailboxes that were added to the main Outlook profile to insure a complete upgrade experience
  • Roll Back Feature Protects Desktop Profiles
    If the update process can’t complete for any reason the original Outlook profile is restored automatically to insure the client desktop is not left in a partially configured state.
  • Supports RPC Over HTTP And MAPI Over HTTP
    The application can update profiles that are already using RPC/HTTP or MAPI/HTTP or can provision updated profiles to use the desired protocol post profile update
  • Works Against All Installed Outlook Profiles
    The application will inspect and update all installed profiles on client desktops, not just the default profile. So you can be assured all profiles get updated. Especially important for shared workstations.
  • Secure Windows Desktops? – Still Not A Problem
    Our solution does not require the end user to be a local administrator in order to complete migrate the Outlook profile. So you can deploy the application even in a secure Windows desktop environment.
  • Preserves PST And Other Outlook Profile Settings
    Don’t let end users calling with ‘were missing a setting’ stress you out any longer. The application preserves PST, Cached Mode, and other profile settings so you don’t need to spend time recreating profiles and locating personal address books, etc.
  • Supported scenarios
    Outlook Profile Update Manager supports more Exchange-to-Exchange (E2E) migration scenario’s than any other solution. Supports Cross-Forest, Mixed-Mode, Office 365, and Small Business Server based migrations.
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