ReliefJet Essentials for Outlook

ReliefJet Essentials is a straightforward tool that consists of a large set of useful and easy-to-use tools for every Microsoft Outlook user. The product contains Outlook add-in, standalone and Windows command line applications. Utilities can be run in manual and automatic modes as well as on a scheduled basis.

Features included

  • Ability to import and export messages using EML, MSG, TXT formats
  • Convert between MSG and EML formats; export, split and merge PST files, Outlook storages and folders
  • import and export Outlook categories
  • Remove, mark and move duplicates
  • Save, add and remove attachments
  • Replace attachments with links and links with attachments
  • Pack, zip, unpack and unzip attachments
  • Extract e-mail and internet URL addresses from message texts and headers
  • Personify your mailings by creating an individual e-mail for each of the specified recipients
  • Assign and remove categories for multiple Outlook items
  • Save and remove message headers and set their values
  • Clear message subjects from RE:, FW: and other unwanted elements
  • Find and delete empty Outlook folders
  • Many other tools that will significantly increase your office and home productivity.

Numerous reports and statistics

  • Reports on the most frequently used senders, recipients, subjects and categories
  • Largest folders and messages
  • Structure and content of Outlook storages and folders
  • Daily, weekly and monthly message statistics for a given periods
  • And a great deal more…

With the help of the Outlook add-in it is possible to set up a quick-start for utilities from toolbars and context menus. Tight integration with Outlook rules allows the full integration of utilities with the processing of incoming and outgoing mail. Standalone application enables fast start without the need to keep Outlook running. Windows command line support provides the ability to execute utilities from batch files, scripts and other automation facilities, including Windows Scheduled Tasks.

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