Secure64 DNS Authority

Virtualization, Software Defined Networking and Network Functions Virtualization are top of mind issues as many organizations seek ways to increase flexibility and reduce capital and operating expenses. But increased attacks on the DNS make security a high priority even for organizations moving to a virtual environment. DNS Authority for x86 is authoritative name server software that
provides unmatched levels of security and attack resiliency while making it easy to integrate with orchestration software and other systems running in the network. Additionally, because it is not based on open-source BIND, it is immune to the many critical security vulnerabilities found in BIND each year.


  • Remains fully responsive during DDoS attacks
  • Eliminates BIND security vulnerability patching
  • Enables 99.999% service availability
  • Simplifies integration with external software systems
  • Scales up without requiring hardware upgrades
  • Reduces TCO because servers need no protective security appliances


  • Secure kernel eliminates entire classes of vulnerabilities
  • Built-in advanced DDoS protection
  • Non-BIND based DNS
  • Dynamic configuration changes
  • Dynamic zone additions and deletions
  • Comprehensive RESTful API
  • Physical or virtual appliances
  • License-controlled capacity
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