Securepoint NextGen UTM-Firewall

NextGen UTM-Firewalls provide companies with secure Internet access. They are a perfect fit for the structure and protection of modern company networks. Efficient IT security applications (firewall, VPN-Gateway, two virus/malware scanners, high-end spam filter, real-time content filter for web and email, Zero-Hour-Protection, IDS, authentication etc.) ensure a secure network operation across the board. A UTM system, at one central point, protects the entire network.

The NextGen UTM-Firewalls are delivered as a complete solution. Additional licences are not required for individual UTM functions.

Key Features

  • Embedded in the Securepoint Unified Security concept
  • EU DS-GVO ready: Guaranteed without backdoors
  • Full support of IPv6
  • Automatic bandwidth optimization
  • Real-time protection through Cyber Defence Cloud
  • Threat Intelligent Feed
  • Immediate and easy securing of encrypted connections (TLS)
  • Time lock for suspicious emails
  • Secure presets
  • Central administration (SOC) of all firewalls at customers or across locations (incl. cloud)
  • Alerting Center translates log information into easy-to-understand messages and actively informs via e-mail
  • Optimal for Managed Service Providers
  • Monitoring with SNMP: Full integration in MSP environments thanks to comprehensive interfaces
  • Integrated one-time password system for VPN, user interface and administration (multi-factor authentication – OTP)
  • Incl. mail connector for picking up e-mails from the provider
  • Easy to use, app-oriented admin interface
  • With only approx. 70 MB a very compact firewall image
  • Regular penetration tests
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