SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer

Database Performance Analyzer can deliver better results by taking a different approach

  • Quickly find the root cause of your database complex problems
    Anomaly detection powered by machine learning and response-time analysis shows you exactly what needs fixing, whether you are a database expert or not.
  • Less than 1% load on monitored instances
    Agentless architecture is designed to be safe for dev, test, and production—and scale to monitor hundreds or even thousands of environments.
  • Solve problems faster when teams collaborate
    Developers, DBAs, and server teams work together and help eliminate finger-pointing with full visibility.
  • Be proactive about performance management
    Identify anomalies before problems occur. Dynamic baselines compare historic performance to identify issues. Get alerts and custom reports, too.
  • Monitors all your databases in hybrid environments—on-premise, virtualized, and in the cloud
    Don’t be forced into different database management tools for monitoring. Get DPA instead. DPA’s database management software is designed to provide full coverage of your databases, no matter how it’s deployed. Physical, virtual, cloud, or DBaaS, our database management solution can keep you covered in a single pane of glass.

You can use SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) to monitor, diagnose, and resolve performance problems for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Sybase, and Azure SQL databases.

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