Sonasoft SonaSecure

Sonasoft’s SonaSecure Email Protection & Email Continuity is a cloud-based anti-virus security system that protects in real-time both incoming and outgoing email from viruses, ransomware, malware, phishing attacks, and spam. It works with both on-premise email systems, e.g. Exchange Server and cloud-based email like Office 365.

SonaSecure’s email continuity allows employees to read, reply, forward, and attach files to email up to 90 days from anywhere. Even when the primary email server/service is down, employees still can be productive. Emails sent through SonaSecure are then synced back to the primary server/service. SonaSecure’s spooling captures all email when the primary email server/service is down and then syncs these emails back. No email is lost because of an outage.

Key Components

  • All Incoming Email: Protects Networks and Scans
    SonaSecure scans all incoming email and attachments in real-time for all known viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing threats, and 99.9 percent of spam before the email enters an organization’s network.
  • Advanced Ransomware and Phishing Attack Protection
    SonaSecure offers six layers of security scanning to ensure a network stays clean.
  • All Outgoing Email: Protects Data Leakage and Spreading Threats
    SonaSecure will prevent data leakage and immediately alert to certain content such as customer data, social security numbers, credit card information, profanity, violent threats, and more.
  • Platform Independent and in the Cloud
    SonaSecure is a protected cloud-based application, so it is always up and available and hosted on a network of secure data centers.
  • Email Continuity to ALL Email
    If the email system goes down, then employees should still be able to send and receive their email. SonaSecure will able to keep every email that was ever sent or received no matter how long or severe the outage.
  • Large File Sending Capabilities – Prevents Leakage
    SonaSecure allows end users to send and receive very large file attachments of up to 200 MB. SonaSecure scans every attachment to ensure that it meets an organization’s security requirements.
  • Global Function: URL Defense, URL Rewrites, & Disclaimers
    SonaSecure can verify URL’s within a document to ensure that they are safe. SonaSecure can check URL’s that are embedded within emails that have links to known infected sites and immediately quarantine these unsafe emails.
  • All-inclusive Reporting Tools
    While other competing solutions have an hour delay or more in their reports, SonaSecure reports are in real-time.


  • Intuitive User Interface: No Training Required
    The user interface is intuitive and straightforward. No training is required for end users.
  • All-inclusive Reporting Tools
    SonaSecure comes with comprehensive reporting tools that empower admins even more. While other competing solutions have an hour delay or more in their reports, SonaSecure reports are in real-time. This allows admins immediately to know what is going on with their network and email system and if a certain action is needed. SonaSecure also comes with an account dashboard that allows admins to know the current status with just a glance.
  • Always-there-for-you Support
    As with all our products, Sonasoft takes pride in its dedicated customer support. Our always-there-for-you tech support and preventative approach have won over our customer base. Sonasoft’s tech support is always personal, friendly, and competent. We will work hard to ensure that any issue is resolved to your satisfaction.
  • Compliments SonaVault, SonaCloud & Other Archive Products
    SonaSecure is the perfect complement to both SonaVault and SonaCloud Email Archiving and eDiscovery Solutions. Sonasoft offers complete email insurance. Through these services, organizations can meet regulatory compliance, be eDiscovery ready, safeguard all their email, protect their networks, have email continuity 24/7/365, and migrate their email and data to another system or in the cloud. SonaSecure also works seamlessly with other email archiving and eDiscovery systems.
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