Spiceworks Inventory

Spiceworks Inventory is a software solution helping to keep all your IT organized in one place. Inventory provides automatic discovery and detailed device information to help you troubleshoot user issues, stay ahead of potential device problems, and be ready for budget and audit talks about your devices. Stay in the know and breathe a sigh of relief knowing everything’s as it should be.

Key Features

  • Know Your Devices
    Get an out-of-the-box asset management system. Quickly scan your subnets for any hardware with an IP address, including Windows and Mac computers… plus, routers, switches, printers, and more. Need more details to audit your network? Gather info like manufacturer, MAC address, open ports, hardware details, and installed software. With the on-premesis tool you can also discover UPS devices, storage, and antivirus.
  • Track Software
    Spiceworks automatically updates all your software. Detect unwanted or troublesome software on your Windows and Mac workstations and servers. The downloadable tool also allows you to detect and inventory cloud services — some you may not even know your users are accessing, and generate reports.
  • Manage Tickets for Devices
    Don’t waste your time time manually tracking the tasks around your computers and other hardware, asking your users for device information, and manually tracking device issues. Use Inventory with Help Desk to track these tasks in a free, super simple way that over a million users have adopted.
  • Custom Reporting
    Whether you want data that’s easy to export, like in the cloud version, or an easy-to-use reporting interface with built-in reports that you can schedule, like in the self-hosted version, you can quickly generate sleek, custom reports on all your network assets.
  • Scheduled Scans
    Set your Inventory scans when you want them with the on-premesis automated scanner. Set the time and/or frequency you need to make sure everything is up-to-date and not slowing down your network at inopportune times.
  • Fully Customizable
    From full-featured plugins to reports and language packs in the Spiceworks Community, you’ll find just what you need to customize the Spiceworks on-premesis network inventory app and stay on top of IT.
  • Know Your Users
    Track all of your info by user and perform key support tasks by automatically importing user data with Active Directory in the self-hosted inventory software. View related devices, tickets, purchases, contact info, and even photos.
  • MSP Like a Boss
    Running a services business with multiple clients? Scan all the hardware and software on multiple remote networks, manage tickets across clients, report on activities, and more in the downloadable network inventory application.
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