StarWind V2V Converter

StarWind V2V Converter allows the conversion of VMs from one format to another, basically “cloning” them and keeping the original file intact. Moreover, StarWind V2V Converter makes the conversion of a physical machine to a virtual machine faster without a need to deploy a virtual server from scratch. StarWind V2V Converter is also a convenient tool for the StarWind HyperConverged Appliance users, making a hypervisor switch a very easy task indeed. In case there’s a promising virtualization project without any initial investments, StarWind Virtual SAN Free would come in handy. Along with V2V Converter, it will make the virtualization admin’s life much easier, creating “shared nothing” fault-tolerant SAN on a couple of commodity servers.

StarWind V2V Converter Features
P2V – StarWind V2V Converter allows migrating physical environment to virtual one with a minimum interaction of IT administrator. With P2V feature there is no need to build VMs for a physical server from scratch as V2V will simply convert a physical box into a VM.
Windows Repair Mode – StarWind V2V Converter makes migration between different hardware sets easier, supporting Windows Repair Mode during conversion to VHDX. This way, the VM automatically adapts to the given hardware environment, negating any compatibility problems.
Zero-Copy – StarWind V2V Converter allows easily converting VM formats directly from one hypervisor to another. Conversion process becomes simpler as there is no need to create copies of the source and destination VM files on the local machine.
Hypervisor Switch – StarWind V2V Converter supports all industry-standard hypervisors including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXi, Citrix XenServer, and KVM. By converting VMs from and to any selected format, it allows easily migrating between different hypervisors.
Supported formats – StarWind V2V Converter supports all modern formats such as VMDK, VHDX/VHD, RAW IMG, QCOW2, and StarWind native IMG files. It works both ways, converting from and to any selected format, thus having better functionality than similar converters.
Important notice: StarWind V2V Converter does not support converting “on a fly,” thus the selected VM needs to be shut down first.

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