Systancia AppliDis Fusion

AppliDis Fusion 5 is a unified virtualisation solution which allows you to provide access to applications and Windows desktops, meeting the requirements of applications and desktop virtualisation. Standard VDI meets most users’ needs, and extended VDI available for those more complex requirements, such as training rooms or VIP access. AppliDis Fusion 5 enables employees to work remotely, from either within or outside of their organisation, ensuring the portability of their applications with any device. With extremely competitive purchase and running costs, AppliDis Fusion 5 provides a quick ROI and offers a unique user experience for an attractive price in terms of application and desktops access, and a new administrator experience in terms of management.

Key functionalities

  • Mix application and desktop virtualisation technologies in a single web console.
  • Possibility to use a variety of applications thanks to support for multiple server OS’s in a single farm, and delivery of Windows applications in their native environment.
  • Heterogeneous devices compatibility: thin clients, old desktops, iPad/Android tablets…
  • AppliDis Booster helps ensure quick access times.
  • With AppliDis BoxOnAir, users can “carry” applications with them and load them securely back onto the nearest device by merely swiping from their phones.
  • Support of the RDP 8.1 protocol, further improving the management of video to remote sites and more complex USB redirection cases.
  • Roaming sessions mean that users become more mobile and can work away from their physical desks.
  • The universal printer module can support complex environments with many thousands of users, managing specifics printers or various printing scenario to meet all printing requirements (LAN / remote site / mobile)
  • The first fully HTML5 console on the market, integrating the latest technological advances, and providing 360° view of the AppliDis infrastructure.
  • AppliDis Provision Server allows administrators to deploy and maintain datacenter application farms with just a few clicks and without any downtime.
  • Quick and easy installation with validation of technical prerequisites.
  • Smart load balancing functionality, based on usage detection.
  • AppliDis Toolbox provides the administrator with a set of technical and system tools to simplify daily management.

A recognised solution and expertise

Systancia, a software vendor, has gradually become the first European solution in the market of application centralisation and desktop virtualisation with a capacity for innovation that places it  amongst the leading players in this field. With the acquisition of IPdiva, at the end of 2013, Systancia provides Europe’s leading secure virtual application and desktop delivery environment, and with it also aims to cut costs for organisations.

The AppliDis solution has already been established in many businesses and public sectors worldwide (including local authorities, medical and education sectors) by providing innovative solutions to mobility issues, availability, safety and cost:

  • Give users mobility both within and outside of the organisation, with immediate availability of their applications wherever they are.
  • Make applications portable across any devices.
  • Open up access to new environments on the best-suited devices, making application and OS migrations easier and more costeffective.
  • Easier maintenance and scalability of the IT system.
  • Increased level of security of the IT system.
  • Get real savings without making any use concessions.
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