Veeam Management Pack for System Center

Veeam® Management Pack™ (MP) for System Center is the most comprehensive and intuitive System Center extension for app-to-metal management of VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Veeam Backup & Replication™. Through actionable monitoring, reporting and real-time analysis, Veeam MP helps IT decision makers make faster and more accurate decisions.

Key Features

  • Get complete visibility of Hyper-V and vSphere environments in System Center.
  • See at-a-glance, health statuses of specific areas of your virtual data centers, including real-time monitoring for all your Veeam Backup & Replication environments in the Veeam Morning Coffee Dashboard.
  • Easily stream Veeam MP alerts and performance data into Microsoft Operations Management Suite for instant business insights into your on-premises infrastructures.
  • Maintain complete control and visibility for all your Windows-based (physical) and virtual-based (VMware and Hyper-V) Veeam-powered backup jobs.
  • Manage and plan for growth with capacity-planning reports.
  • Predict resources needed to run your workloads in a hybrid cloud.
  • Get detailed snapshot and checkpoint tracking and reporting.
  • Find problems fast and shorten the time between problem discovery and recovery.
  • Increase data-center efficiency using analysis reports to right size your VMs, find idle VMs and reclaim critical resources.
  • Track all your VMware vSphere environments — even if they are deployed on Amazon Web Services.

Veeam MP

Veeam MP includes strategic, capacity-planning tools with reports that forecast and help model on-premises and cloud resources needed to efficiently power your business. This includes deep-dive reports on oversized and undersized VMs, zombie VMs, lost storage and real-time alerts to notify you if your Veeam backup repository will run out of capacity or if a Hyper-V or vSphere cluster will run out of memory.

High-Speed Recovery

With the increasing demands for 24×7 application and service Availability, Veeam understands your need to shorten the time between problem discovery and system recovery. Veeam MP helps you quickly identify problems at the physical host, VM and application layer. You immediately see where the real problem is and how it will affect business. As a result, your IT teams can eliminate the risk of blind spots, resolve problems faster and ensure SLA with greater confidence.

Verified Recoverability

Veeam MP’s real-time monitoring confirms both Veeam backup job success and completion within the backup window. With Veeam MP’s new detailed backup reports, you will know that you are ready to meet your RPO. Veeam MP will proactively alert you if RPO targets are in danger of falling outside of desired ranges. The proactive monitoring in Veeam MP, coupled with Veeam Backup & Replication’s high-speed recovery, keeps the total time of outages and issues to a minimum. And, with continuous visibility of the mission-critical virtualization and protection infrastructure, you know that your business data is available — and protected.

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