Virtuozzo delivers a mix of system containers, hypervisor based on optimized KVM, and software-defined storage. With Virtuozzo, service providers and enterprises can efficiently use existing hardware—at a minimal total cost of ownership—during any part of its lifecycle. Secure by design, Virtuozzo has a 15-year track record in development, and today Virtuozzo powers more than 5 million virtual environments.

How Does Virtuozzo Work?

Virtuozzo converges the virtualization technology you need—system containers, hypervisor, and software-defined storage—into one efficient platform. By supporting different types of scenarios, this platform gives you the freedom to choose how and where you run your workloads, so you can achieve the greatest density and performance within your public or private data center. It enables legacy workload, bare-metal performance, secure isolation and encryption, and portability typically only seen with app containers. Virtuozzo also enables live migration and high availability and mutability between containers and VMs.

How Can You Use Virtuozzo?

  • Hosting and Service Providers
    Are you operating large public clouds to deliver efficient and profitable services to SMB customers? Virtuozzo gives you the toolset from which to build targeted, competitive services. Virtuozzo delivers everything you need for production: highly available encrypted virtualization and storage, backups, an application catalog, and support.
  • Independent Software Vendors (ISV)
    If you need to deploy secure, multi-tenant SaaS platforms, performance compromises are not an option. Virtuozzo containers provide bare-metal performance required for response-time-critical applications.
  • Enterprises
    With Virtuozzo Hypervisor, you can replace your expensive virtual machine deployments with optimized KVM. To get even more from your hardware, run your legacy workload within a system container without the need to modify it. Virtuozzo storage is a next-generation replacement for expensive hardware SAN solutions.
  • Native Docker Support
    System containers provide security isolation for Docker-based platforms, allowing you to run application containers in privileged mode without any restrictions. Add an extra security layer without the performance penalty of a hypervisor. There’s no need to modify your Docker tools and infrastructure for production use. Virtuozzo storage provides a highly available backend for data volumes.
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