VMware vSphere

VMware vSphere, the industry leading virtualization and cloud platform, is the efficient and secure platform for your hybrid clouds. It provides a powerful, flexible, and secure foundation for business agility that accelerates your digital transformation to hybrid cloud and success in the digital economy. vSphere supports both existing and next-gen workloads through simple and efficient
management at scale, to elevate the customer experience to an entirely new level; comprehensive built-in security that starts at the core, via an operationally simple policy-driven model; a universal application platform supporting new workloads and leveraging hardware innovations for enhanced performance; and a seamless hybrid cloud experience with easy visibility, migration and
management of workloads between on-premises and public cloud. You can now run, manage, connect, and secure your applications in a common operating environment, across your hybrid cloud.
VMware vSphere Platinum is a new edition of vSphere, that secures applications, infrastructure, data, and access with the combined capabilities of core VMware vSphere and VMware AppDefense™. It enables a simple and powerful way to maintain existing workflows, while supporting collaboration amongst vSphere Admins, and security, compliance and application teams;
making for less disruptive response and remediation in case of a security incident. vSphere Platinum delivers a purpose-built solution that secures infrastructure and applications by leveraging the  hypervisor, and the power of machine learning, in a way that is built-in, operationally simple, and with minimal overhead or impact on performance.

Key Benefits

  • Run any app, on any cloud
  • Turbo charge application performance
  • Seamless hybrid cloud experience
  • Efficient management at scale
  • Comprehensive built-in security
  • 6x improvement in application performance with vSphere Persistent Memory
  • vSphere 6.7 is 2x faster than vSphere 6.5 in terms of vCenter Operations per second
  • vSphere 6.7 has 3x faster DRS related operations than vSphere 6.5
  • 3x reduced memory usage with vCenter Server Appliance 6.7
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