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A few weeks ago I started reading about Project Fi, which is Google’s answer to mobile. Then I finally made the leap and ordered one of the required phones (Nexus 6p or Nexus 5x) and activated my Project Fi account. Even more to the point, I deactivate my Verizon account, which felt pretty good. I’ve stuck with Verizon because they really do have great coverage, and I travel a bit so it’s important to have good coverage. But Project Fi seems to have 4G LTE available in Indiana and California, the two places I spend the most time.

Two things I really like about Project Fi…though there are way more…

First: Project Fi is generally cheaper than other carriers. It has a base monthly fee of $20 and then it’s just $10 a GB after that. If you don’t use all the GBs you signed up for, Google refunds you for the unused data (which is basically unheard of).

Second: Wireless calling and texting. Part of the reason the Nexus phones are a requirement is because they’re capable of going between wireless and cellular calling automatically. The other reason why this is cool is because if you’re traveling internationally, you can make calls and texts back to the US over wifi for free. 

If you’re not an avid iPhone user, it’s definitely worth checking out Project Fi.

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