Manage it right: Top project management tools for any business

Project management is a core need for every company. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is — or even what business you are in. Project management helps you achieve the right strategic alignment, ensures clear focus, let’s you set targets, and defines business objectives. Project management also plays a key role in quality control and risk management throughout the project lifecycle.

It is equally essential to understand that having the right set of project management tools and knowledge is crucial for precise and well-structured. The right set of tools can ensure that all project management operations and tasks are being smoothly carried out.


There are several features that need to be considered before you choose a tool for your company. Some of them are the level of configuration and customization the tool allows, complete control over work assignment and monitoring, access to all the role-based permissions, priority and deadline settings, notifications and alert management, service agreement, and pricing.

Choosing the right project management tools can be a confusing task as there are several options available. Here are some of the best project management tools that are widely used in the industry and which can help manage almost any kind of projects for your company.


project management tools

Scoro is one of the most widely used business management solutions for various professional and creative services. It helps manage projects by streamlining the work and workforce divisions to ensure smooth business operations. Scoro serves as a comprehensive one-stop solution for most project management-related tasks, work scheduling, tracking, financial management, CRM and quoting, and an impressive dashboard.


  • Creating project budgets
  • Easy one-page project management and dashboard
  • Allows managing project portfolio by various statuses
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Work assignment and workforce division
  • User-wise, team-wise, and department-wise overview
  • Keeps track of sales and other financials
  • Invoice management

Scoro is available in four different versions and every version needs a minimum of five users. Essential version costs $26 per user per month, work hub and sales hub costs $37 per user per month. Business hub, which offers all the services, costs $61 per user per month. Scoro also allows a company to design its own custom solution as per the requirements and needs.



Asana provides a convenient means of structuring the work and organizing a project into easily workable plans. Asana is a cloud-based project management tool that helps companies map and highlight even minute tasks and project details to the project teams and organization. It is a very flexible and adaptive tool that can be used and configured as per the company or team needs.

Here are some of the features offered by Asana

  • Group tasks and individual tasks can be easily categorized into sections or columns
  • Notifications to employees and project team using a personalized inbox
  • Gantt style view of how the project fits together
  • Asana comes with a dedicated calendar to manage the deliverables and timelines
  • Generates detailed progress reports

The app comes in four versions: Basic, Premium, Business, and Enterprise. The premium variant starts at $9.99 per month per user while the business variant starts at $19.99 per user per month.


project management tools

ProofHub is a widely used all-in-one project management tool. ProofHub is meant for organizations that do not want to deal with multiple project management applications. It is a one-stop solution consisting of all the essential tools needed to run your business.

ProofHub provides an easy means to speed up the review process of files and documents. The tool is multilingual and comes with half a dozen languages along with the easy interface. Here are some of the additional features offered by ProofHub.

  • Creating custom roles
  • Visualization of reports using Gantt charts
  • Easy report generation
  • Project templates
  • Easy file management
  • Can easily integrate with various APIs
  • Me-View, which provides all the tasks, milestones, and other project-related information for every user involved.

The Essential version of ProofHub is priced at $45 per month with a limit of 40 projects for unlimited users. The Ultimate Control is priced at $150 per month with unlimited projects with 100GB of storage. The ultimate control offers all the features offered by ProofHub. is another leading collaboration and communication application for business that enables project management. It syncs the entire project-related information in a single, easy-to-access hub and displays the progress in a logical and understandable format including a map view, file view, and timeline view. Monday comes with advanced scheduling capacity. Its ability to schedule resources and plan for the tasks or project milestones makes it one of the best available tools project management.

Readily available and easy-to-use templates, effective collaboration, easy timeline and project deliverable management, integration with other tools, customization, and notifications are some of the readily available features. comes in four different versions — Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. The Basic version starts at $34 per month per user and the high-end Enterprise version starts at $157. More information about pricing can be found here.



WorkFront is yet another cloud-based project management solution that offers companies and project teams an enterprise-graded solution for receiving, assigning, and managing work. It enables companies to easily prioritize, organize, and report works or tasks. WorkFront is suitable for any business.

WorkFront is a feature-rich project management service that supports different permission levels and offers open API. Various applications and already existing services can be easily integrated with the WorkFront. With WorkFront, it is very easy to connect with applications and service suites such as Office 365, Slack, Adobe Creative Cloud, and other business services.

WorkFront is available for a single team, for a department, for a business with up to 10 departments, and for an enterprise. The features and pricing vary according to the user needs and more information about the pricing and versions can be found here.

Project management tools: Pick the right one for you

Irrespective of the company and the sector in which they operate, project management plays a key role in the strategic alignment of the business. Business goals and objectives are brought to focus using project management and therefore, it is absolutely essential for every company both small and large to adopt the right project management tools. While all the tools mentioned here are among the best available options for project management, companies need to filter their needs and other factors such as ease of integration, costs, and more to decide on the right project management tool.

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