PSTWay for OWA

Everywhere Networks just released a new exciting product, which will allow Exchange users to access their PST files via Outlook Web Access (OWA). The product is currently a featured product in the software library.

“Connect Outlook Web Access users with their PST files & Personal Folders. PSTWay drives OWA’s acceptance and utilization by allowing users to access all their data including: Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks.
PSTs can remain on local or network drives and shared between Outlook and OWA. All access is via OWA’s standard interface and users have complete ability to manage their own PSTs and contents. Personal Folders are simply added to the OWA folder tree and accessed normally. They can add, copy, move, delete, and search just like an OWA folder.

PSTWay installs on Exchange’s frontend server with no special achieve systems to install or manage. PSTWay is currently available for Exchange 2003 and upgradable to 2007. PSTWay is the web interface to PSTs you have been searching for.”

Company: Everywhere Networks


Email: [email protected]

Screenshot: click here

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