Public Folder Replication Troubleshooting – Part 4: Exchange Server 2007 tips

A post explaining how to use the same procedure used previously in Exchange Server 2003 to troubleshoot PF replication but in this new post using the Exchange Server 2007 tools.

Two years ago, I posted a three-part series on troubleshooting public folder replication. Part 1discussed the replication of new data, Part 2discussed the replication of existing data, and Part 3discussed the replica deletion process and some common problems we saw with Exchange 2003. With this post, I want to update the series for Exchange 2007.

In Exchange 2007, public folder replication works basically the same way it always has. The troubleshooting steps in the first three parts of the series all still apply. However, the admin tools have changed and the common problems we see with Exchange 2007 are a little different, so that’s what I want to cover here.

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