Publishing Exchange 2007 may fail after installing the update "Update for Publishing Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 for ISA Server 2006"

I’ve always been a big fan of secure Exchange RPC publishing. It’s been a rocky ride for this protocol, because the Blaster worm gave the RPC endpoint mapper port TCP 135 a bad name and many ISPs just shut down this port, without realizing that ISA Firewalls provided complete protection against Blaster and many other RPC exploits. Then RPC/HTTP became available with Outlook 2003 and that pretty much put Secure Exchange RPC publishing on the back burner.

Nevertheless, many companies can’t use RPC/HTTP and still require Secure Exchange RPC. If that’s you, and you’re using Exchange 2007, you might want to be aware of a problem with the KB925403 update for publishing Exchange 2007 with ISA 2006. This update might break your Secure Exchange RPC publishing.

The ISA Team Blog has a discussion on this problem and a solution. It’s worth checking out. Find it at



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