Q&A with NCP Engineering CEO

Q1: How will the new security features found in Version 10 of NCP’s VPN Client Suites impact user experience?  

A1: Version 10 of NCP’s VPN Client Suites for Windows will have an overarching impact on network administrator experience. The update impacts the Enterprise, Entry and Juniper editions, making it easier for Windows users to connect remotely to corporate networks. The update also streamlines the end-to-end experience of administrators, giving them greater control over the security and stability of their networks.

Q2: How has user control been enhanced?  

A2: There is now an increased number of connection modes, with options now including manual connection, automatic connection initiated by data transfer, “always” connection, and variable connection.

Certain security features are also automated during initial communication with the Client Software.

Q3: Can you elaborate on the automated security enhancements?

A3: The updated version of the NCP Secure Enterprise Client for Windows is permanently bound to the Secure Enterprise Management (SEM), which acts as a single point of management for administrators, from which it receives its license. This automatically ensures a connection for configuration, certificate and Client software updates.

With Version 10, if the client is not in regular communication with the NCP SEM, it cannot connect until its security is verified. NCP’s centrally managed Secure Enterprise Client for Windows can be used in conjunction with the NCP Secure Enterprise Management (SEM) 3.0 system.

Another security enhancement is support for Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC) in certificates and key exchange processes that can be used in conjunction with IKEv2.

Q4: Has ease of use been improved as well?

A4: Beyond the enhanced security features that improve network security and administrator control once the NCP Secure Enterprise Client has been installed, the installation process itself has also been streamlined. The software is now distributed in the Microsoft .msi format, making it easier to install and receive updates.

Q5: What key enhancements appear in the Juniper Edition of the Secure Client for Windows?

A5: The Juniper Edition is specifically tailored to help enterprises seamlessly connect to Juniper VPN gateways with Junos or NetscreenOS operating systems. User experience remains an essential focus here – the IPsec VPN client and the local license server enable companies to smoothly migrate large numbers of users with Juniper’s end-of-life Netscreen-Remote VPN Client to the latest version of NCP’s Juniper-compatible client.

Q6: What Microsoft operating systems are supported with this release? 

A6: Windows 8.x (32- and 64-bit), Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit) and Windows Vista (32- and 64-bit).

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