Quick Note on Verizon Business FiOS and Static IP Addresses

I’ve done a few articles on this blog on my switch to Verizon Business FiOS, so I thought I’d include some information that other’s who are considering moving to this service will find helpful.

When you choose Verizon’s business service, you have the option to get static IP addresses. What the Verizon Web site doesn’t tell you is that you don’t need to use their Router or NAT device in order to use these IP addresses. That means you can assign these static IP addresses to the external interfaces of the ISA Firewalls and not need to do anything else in order for them to work.

When you have static IP addresses in the Verizon business plan, you don’t use PPPoE. Its a regular Ethernet connection. Just connect their Ethernet connection (which is bridged to the FiOS network) to the same switch that the external connections on your ISA Firewall’s are connect to, and everything will work fine.



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