RAID Announces General Availability for Tiered Storage System Magellan to support SAS/FC host and SAS/SATA Disks to Address Data Center Flexibility

Methuen, MA – RAID today announced that it has released its Magellan 60-tiered disk solution which will begin to ship in volume on February 1st, 2007.

RAID Inc.’s storage solutions are used in a variety of mission critical applications. “We have a solid reputation of providing our customers with best-in-class and fully integrated storage solutions that are purposely built for compute intensive environments. Rock-solid construction, high sustained performance, high availability, scalability and flexibility are key requirements,” said Robert Picardi, Chief Operating Officer of RAID, Incorporated. “Magellan products deliver on all counts, and with our 24×7 support model and managed services, we are confident that many of our users will see an extreme benefit of using both high performance SAS drives and lower cost enterprise SATA drives to help better consolidate their data.”

The Magellan series supports single or dual 4Gbit FC or 3Gbit SAS controllers with up to 60 SAS and/or SATA disk drives to balance performance and latency requirements for a very wide variety of applications, including replication and disaster recovery environments.

Currently, RAID has qualified 36, 73, and 146GB 15k SAS drives and plans on finalizing the qualification of 300GB 15k SAS by the end of the first quarter. In addition, the systems support 250, 300, 400, 500, and 750GB SATA-2 disk drives. Drives can be configured to balance performance with capacity and cost points which will give users some of the best flexibility ever delivered in a cost effective storage system that can be configured to have no single point of failure.

“By scaling the system to up to 60 drives today and with our intent of reaching over 100 spindles by the end of the year, we have achieved to deliver a very unique and flexible product to the market,” Picardi continued.

“Development efforts are already beginning to look at 8Gbit FC and 6Gbit SAS and SATA technologies so we are confident that this product, similar to our X-class and Falcon series, will ensure long term investment and upgradeability. Users now have a choice to move away from the limitations of SCSI-based storage systems. Customers who have invested in a Fibre Channel backbone can connect the Magellan into any standard infrastructure without the worries of back end FC loop related issues while moving to a serial disk topology,” stated Tad Gambiza, Chief Engineer, for RAID.

Magellan is available with RAID’s StorageWatch® managed services package and offers compact 2U / 12 disk expansion systems up to 60 total disks. Multiple Magellan systems can also be used together to achieve larger capacity and for software and hardware based replication and disaster recovery initiatives.

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