Reach for the Cloud with Cloudreach AWS Kick Start

Worldwide consultancy Cloudreach this month announced what it calls the Kickstarter Service for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Where Amazon offers a free long term test, Cloudreach is all about making sure AWS works for new customers quickly. “The Kickstarter Service is based on reliable and repeatable methodology, encompassing everything from initial setup and training to ongoing technical support, and is packaged as a two-week, fixed-price engagement, making the move to the cloud an immediately tangible and transformative process,” the company said.

Once engaged with customers, Cloudreach has two sets of core services. For one, it is an AWS managed service provider (MSP), and manages and monitors customer AWS operations using the ITIL Service Management model.  Functions can include financial controls, change management and security.

The company also serves as an Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner and here also provides systems integration services.

Clients and solutions include “clients including complex multi-media web hosting, disaster recovery, data analytics, test/development workflow and major data center migrations,” Cloudreach said. “We don’t just deliver strategy, planning, implementation and business change skills, but invest heavily in service management and operations capabilities to sustain performance and service quality for our customers.
On the consulting side, offerings include training, development of solutions, business strategy and project management.

Cloudreach is clearly bullish on the cloud. “We founded Cloudreach six years ago as a company based 100% in the cloud, as we believe that the public cloud will become an inevitable part of every organization. As the benefits of cloud platforms, particularly those offered by AWS, are felt by more and more organizations, no business can afford to be left behind and outcompeted by leaner, more agile rivals,” said Pontus Noren, Cloudreach’s co-founder and director of Cloudreach.”. The Kickstarter Service is the evolution of this belief, allowing medium-to-large enterprises to rapidly start their transition to cloud in a measured process and with the full advantages of Cloudreach’s extensive experience.”

The Amazon Trial

On the Amazon side, its Free Tier comes with Amazon EC2 with up to 750 hours each month of RHEl, SLESt2, or Linux Microsoft instances, and another 750 hours of Windows t2micro instance use.

On the storage side, you get 5 GB of standard Amazon S3 storage.

The AWS Free Tier also gives you free access to 18 different AWS products. This way you get a fuller experience, and can see which additional products make sense for your environment.There are limitations. You must get an AWS account and provide credit card info. If you exceed the limits of the free tier, your card will be billed.

Other tools include:

  • AWS Key Management Service
  • Amazon DynamoDB, a NoSQL database that comes with 25 GB of storage.
  • Amazon CloudFront, a way of sending content to users with minimal latency.
  • Amazon RDS, a database service.

The recently announced AWS Lambda is also available. This tool can execute code when certain events occur, and can scale the cloud resources to accommodate the additional load.

Beyond the 18 Amazon products, Free Tier users can also try out over 700 third party tools from the AWS Marketplace. “If you qualify for the AWS Free Tier, you can use these products on an Amazon EC2 t2.micro instance for up to 750 hours per month and pay no additional charges for the Amazon EC2 instance (during the 12 months),” Amazon said. Some of these third party tools have fees attached.

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