A potential competitor to Microsoft Windows Desktop Operating Systems may be round the corner! ReactOS a new Operating System similar to Windows is just waiting for funding before it can be finalized. A venture which took off some years ago by Russian students is said to be compatible with all Windows-based applications, programs and services. According to the young Russian developers, the new operating system runs much faster than Windows and users should not experience any differences in the overall usability. Similar to community-driven initiative such as Linux, ReactOS is for free and is based on a non-commercial initiative, and if these guys manage to get the necessary funds a completed version can be released in a year’s time. Unlike, Linux and other non-windows operating systems ReactOS can host all Windows compatible applications!

The guys behind the new system claim that ReactOS is the first direct rival or alternate solution to Windows systems. While this is true, the timing may be wrong as the desktop operating system may be losing its market strength to the new web and mobile devices operating platforms which are taking the lead.

Would they be able to get the necessary funds? Is the Russian government willing to help these students before someone else turn the idea into a business opportunity? Read the full story here . Source: BBC News

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