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If you have users complaining some e-mails go straight to their Junk E-Mail folder, it is worth having a look at their Outlook configuration once you establish the e-mails are valid and there is no reason for them to be considered Spam.

If you check the Message Tracking Logs and see the following RecipientStatus:

RunspaceId              : 82ae90ad-cebf-4595-82ea-a78820cdd6cd
Timestamp               : 12/06/2012 17:07:45
ClientIp                   :
ClientHostname          : HUB1
ServerIp                :
ServerHostname          : MBX1
SourceContext           : 08CF16C1275CCA32;2012-06-12T16:06:49.380Z;3
ConnectorId             :
Source                  : STOREDRIVER
EventId                 : DELIVER
InternalMessageId       : 13137
MessageId               : 
Recipients              : {[email protected] }
RecipientStatus         : {Junk E-Mail}
TotalBytes              : 3869
RecipientCount          : 1
RelatedRecipientAddress :
Reference               :
MessageSubject          : Sample E-mail
Sender                  : [email protected]
ReturnPath              : [email protected]
MessageInfo             : 2012-06-12T16:07:26.365Z;|QD=16|SDDR=1|SDDS=2|SDD=2
MessageLatency          : 00:00:19.4070000
MessageLatencyType      : EndToEnd
EventData               : {[MailboxDatabaseName, mdb27], [DatabaseHealth, 64]}


This might be due to the Spam options in Outlook itself. To check this, go to the user’s Outlook (or give yourself FullAccess to the mailbox), then go to Tools -> Options and click on Junk E-Mail… on the Preferences tab. Now check the Blocked Senders tab and make sure the sender is not listed there.

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