Recovering a hard deleted email in Exchange 2003

I have a habit of hard deleting my email. I always do this. By hard delete, I mean pressing SHIFT + Del to delete my messages, which nukes the message right out of outlook. This means that if you try to recover the deleted message in outlook, the message isn’t showing.

Fortunately, there is a registry setting which will allow you to get your hard deleted messages back. I used KB246153 to solve this issue.

1. Open up the Registry editor:

2. Click Start, run. Enter Regedt32 and click OK.

3. Navigate to the following entry:


4. Right click the Options folder, click New and then select DWORD Value. Enter the following details:

Value name: DumpsterAlwaysOn
Data type: DWORD
Value data: 1


5. Close the registry editor and reboot.

6. Open Outlook, navigate to the folder where the email was hard deleted.

7. In Outlook, go to the Tools menu, click Recover Deleted Items. Then select the email you wish to recover and restore. :

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