Red Hat Lets You Try Before You Buy AWS

AWS is an IaaS service that basically mimics in the cloud the relatively raw computing power you may have in your data center. So instead of ordering up a bunch of Dell servers and stitching them together, you simply order up compute capacity from Amazon.

The trick is knowing that what software works in your data center works equally well in the Amazon cloud. Enter the Red Hat AWS test drive. “Through the AWS Test Drive program, users can quickly and easily explore and deploy ready-made solutions built on Red Hat technologies. Test Drives labs are provided free of charge and include complimentary AWS server time, helping organizations ease into the cloud and get hands on experience running production ready workloads on AWS,” Red Hat explains

What’s interesting about the AWS Test Drive program is partners can make it available to their customers.

Partners are already taking Red Hat up on this offer.

Shadow-Soft is a systems integrator and Red Hat Premier partner focused on business process management (BPM) as well as complex event processing (CEP). Under the trials, Shadow-Soft customers, both real and potential, can trial an online store. “We are very proud to announce the launch of the Shadow-Soft Managed Red Hat JBoss BRMS + RTI Test Drive on AWS. Many enterprise customers are seeking an alternative to inflexible and costly proprietary BRMS solutions. This unique product combination enables users to quickly and easily explore the advantages of Red Hat’s flexible, open business rules management system with real-time management and application performance-monitoring capabilities through JBoss Operations Network and RTI. AWS Test Drive enables us to deploy this complex IT environment in the cloud in a matter of minutes allowing the user to focus on what matters most – evaluating the software for their production use,” said Erik Wallin, co-founder and chief operating officer, Shadow-Soft.

Vizuri, another systems integrator, is aiming its test case at software-defined storage operates.

“Organizations are looking to gain greater efficiencies and deliver innovative business solutions by leveraging cloud services, but are hampered by the technology adoption curve. Vizuri’s Test Drive enables organizations to reduce the time and complexity associated with evaluating next-generation technologies while accelerating a business’s proof-of-value. Built on a solid foundation of Red Hat Storage, OpenShift by Red Hat, and ownCloud, Vizuri delivers the next-generation of cloud storage that can be deployed anywhere – including your datacenter, public clouds, and private clouds,” said Joe Dickman, senior vice president, Vizuri.

Finally CITYTECH, Inc. is looking at a range of test scenarios.

“Leveraging the work we’ve done with Red Hat on AWS, CITYTECH is making available to the general public an instantly-provisioned instance of Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite to enable users to test the platform without any strings attached. Not only are Test Drives changing the way enterprise software is evaluated, it is also proving the concept of enterprise middleware-as-a-service,” said Matt Van Bergen, chief technology officer, CITYTECH, Inc.

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