How to register your Linux to Red Hat Subscription Management

This Quick Tip will guide you on registering your Linux to Red Hat Subscription Management to ensure you can install software. You may find that after installing your Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) trial that if you try to install using yum or dnf, the following error message may appear:

Red Hat Subscription Management

When using a trial, we need to create an access key to register the system. The process is simple, first, go to and sign with your credentials (the same that you download the trial version).

After logging in, click on the Customer Portal link. On the new page, click on My subscriptions. Click on Manage and then Activation Keys. In the new page, click on New, define a name (we will need that for the next step) and select the trial subscription. Make a note of the Organization Id since you are on that page.

Red Hat Subscription Management

Back to the Linux server: Open the graphical user interface (we can use the subscription-manager command as well), and open the Subscription Manager, and click on register.

In the new dialog box, enter your information to authenticate to the Red Hat portal. Next, enter the Activation Key name and the Organization Id. (Yeah, they use different terms on the portal when compared to the wizard, which makes it very confusing, at least for me.) Click on register.

The result should be a page similar to the one listed below. From now on, we can check the properties of the current Linux on the Red Hat portal and take advantage of your Red Hat Subscription Management.

The goal of this Red Hat Quick Tip blog post is to make sure that we can install the software using Red Hat Subscription Management. So, now we can go back to the beginning of this article, and install software using the Red Hat repo.

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