RegMaid – GUI tools to examine and fix registry objects.

RegMaid is a GUI tools with four views designed to be used in order. RegMaid is
a very powerful tool for administrators only and only after the NT workstation
or server has been backed up. RegMaid does not create a recovery file.

The first view examines CLSID (OLE components) objects that don’t have a
handler or server due to missing files.

The second view examines ProgID entries. The ProgID reveals registry objects
with corrupt entries.

The third view, TypeLib View, search all entries in the
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Typelib for TLB files without registry entries.

The Interface View searches HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Interface hive entries that has
a TypeLib sub-hive is checked to determine that there is a match between the
TypeLib entry’s CLSID and a valid OLE object.

Very powerful tool – use at your own risk. It is probably safe to
delete CLSID entries and ProgID entries flagged. It is probably NOT safe to
delete TypeLib and Interface entries flagged unless you are absolutely sure they
are a problem. Remember that the word “probably” is a statement about
probabilities not assurances. Only download RegMaid.exe from Microsoft’s site.

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