Relocating files on a Hub Transport Server

The Hub Transport Server has its databases files and log files located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft \Exchange Server\V14\Transport Roles\. Below this directory are some more directories for logs, pickup, agents etc. For large environments with heavily used Hub Transport Server it can be useful to relocate these files to a separate disk, or even store them on a SAN.

It is not possible to change the location of the Database and the accompanying Log Files using the Exchange Management Shell or the Exchange Management Shell. The configuration of the Hub Transport Server is stored in a configuration file located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\bin and is called EdgeTransport.exe.config.
In the tab you’ll find entries for the QueueDatabasePath, QueueDatabaseLoggingPath, IPFilterDatabasePath and IPFilterDatabaseLoggingPath. You can change the values here and point them to another location.
Do not forget to backup this file for disaster recovery purposes.

If you want to relocate the Message Tracking files you can use the Exchange Management Shell, just enter the following command:
Set-TransportServer –Identity <> -MessageTrackingLogPath "New Location"

Relocating the protocol log files can be achieved using the Exchange Management Shell, enter the following command:

Set-TransportServer –Identity <> -ReceiveProtocolLogPath "New Location"

Set-TransportServer –Identity <> -SendProtocolLogPath "New Location"

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