Reminder: Office 2003 SP3 Automatic Distribution Begins Today


Office 2003 SP3 has been available interactively on MU for many months now, but, as you may remember from our post last month, today marks the beginning of automatic distribution to MU users.


We’ve heard great feedback from customers who’ve already installed SP3, and feel confident in distributing it to the many users who rely on MU to keep their PCs secure, reliable, and up-to-date. Note: The automatic distribution process will be gradual, so some users may see it install today, and for others, it may take a little longer.


If you’d like more info on Office 2003 SP3, check out the Download Information and KB articles on Office 2003 SP3 or the Office 2003 SP3 Whitepaper.




The Office & MU Teams


Source: Microsoft Update Product Team Blog

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