Remote Connectivity Analyzer gets an updated CAPTCHA experience

We are happy to announce improvements to the Remote Connectivity Analyzer CAPTCHA experience. Several of you told us how frustrating the previous experience was to use. And we agree… it was very annoying to have both password fields get blanked out if you got the challenge incorrect. While we can’t remove this “feature” completely, we hope the enhancements will make a big difference.

The latest version (V1.4) of the Remote Connectivity Analyzer has the following improvements:

  • We are using a new CAPTCHA service provided by an internal team!
    • The challenge is NOT case sensitive, so it doesn’t matter if you type upper or lower case letters. We also note this on the web page.
    • The CAPTCHA challenges will not include hard to distinguish letters/numbers. For example 2 and Z or O and 0.
    • If you get the challenge wrong, the password entries will not be removed.
    • Once you enter a correct response to the challenge, you will be verified for a set amount of time. This means you will not see additional CAPTCHA challenges until the timeout period expires.

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Anderson Patricio
Twitter: @apatricio

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