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A feature that has been around in Windows desktop operating systems for a while, but may not be widely known about, is something called "smart sizing".  Basically, smart sizing is a feature used when connecting to a Windows desktop OS remotely via RDP that scales the contents of the desktop to fit the boundary of the window as you drag the borders around.  The reason this features isn’t well known is because you had to edit the .rdp file to turn it on.  Now, Microsoft has exposed this via a GUI (although it is still somewhat hidden).

Once you have connected to a Remote Desktop, you can click the Icon in the Title Bar and you will discover a new option: Smart sizing. Clicking that will flip between a “static resolution” and dynamically fit to the window, on-the-fly!

This is useful for VDI environments such a Microsoft RDS or other environments that use RDP for the remoting protocol.

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