Remote Desktop client for Windows 2000, NT, Win9x

Remote Desktop works well but works only with Windows XP workstations. If your
workstation runs any other version of Windows, you’re out of luck. If you need
to access the host system, you either have to physically go to the machine or
rely on a non-Microsoft solution like VNC or PCAnywhere.

To solve this problem, Microsoft released a version of the Remote Desktop
client that runs on Windows 2000 Professional, as well as comparatively ancient
operating systems Windows NT Workstation, Windows 98, and Windows 95. You can
obtain the Remote Desktop Client from Microsoft’s Download Center.

When installed, this software allows older Windows platforms to remotely
connect to a computer running Windows XP Professional with Remote Desktop
enabled. It provides flexible deployment options of the full Terminal Services
Client, including auto–repair through Windows Installer technology and
application publishing via IntelliMirror management technologies or Microsoft
Systems Management Server (SMS).

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