Remotely Shutdown Windows NT Workstation or Windows NT Server

If you have administrative rights, you can shutdown remote NT workstations or NT
servers using the Windows NT Resource Kit utility shutgui.exe
or its command-line version, shutdown.exe . With
the GUI version you can browse through the domain and select the NT box to
shutdown. You have options to force an immediate shutdown (check box Kill Applications Without Saving Data) or to make it a reboot
rather than a shutdown (check box Reboot after shutdown
). The commandline utility gives equivalent functionality with the added
advantages of scripted reboots or shutdowns at scheduled times. A critical
remote commandline and gui utility for Windows NT administrators.

The parameters for shutdown.exe are /l /r /y /c where /l local
machine, /r reboot, /c close all programs and /y avoid having to say yes to

SysInternals has cloned a freeware version of shutdown named PsShutdown .

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