Remove Shared Documents folders from My Computer System Folder

When you open Windows XP’s My Computer System Folder you
will usually see a set of folders at the top of the page under the group called
Other Files Stored on This Computer. Even on a home PC
shared among family members, I haven’t found this useful. Certainly not on a
work PC. To eliminate the Other Files Stored on This
folders you can use the following registry hack:

Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\MyComputer\NameSpace\DelegateFolders

DelegateFolders has a subkey : {59031a47-3f72-44a7-89c5-5595fe6b30ee}. Once you delete this
subkey, all of the Shared Documents folders displayed on My Computer will be
gone. Effect of hack is immediate. No reboot needed in XP.

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