Renaming your repos in Azure DevOps

The naming convention is key for any successful cloud implementation and operation. Ideally, in my Azure practice, I always try matching the repo name with the resource group to keep the flow of the infrastructure-as-code (IaC) and the provisioned resources.

Sometimes you create the entire code, and the workload is changed, and you have two options: move the files to a new repo, or rename it.

If you decide to rename it, the steps are easy to be achieved. First, you need to click on Managed Repositories in the Azure DevOps Repo area.

azure devops repos

All existing repos for the current project will be listed. Right-click on the repo you are planning to change (Item 1), and then click on Rename (Item 2).

azure devops repos

Type the new name, and that completes the process. You need to change the new repo location on your clients that are consuming that repo, the easier way to do that is cloning it again.

It really is that simple to rename your Azure DevOps repos!

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