Restricting email to the Internet on a per user AND per domain basis

A new post from MSExchangeTeam explaining some of the new Transport Rules capabilities in Exchange Server 2010.

You requested it… and we delivered it in Exchange 2010!

One of the most requested items in exchange 2007 was something like this…

…we have 5-12 external domains that we need to allow some users to send to, but prevent sending to all other domains…

Or like this…

…we need a way to allow everyone to send to the internet but restrict members of ‘contract workers group’ to just certain domains.

This blog post is meant to show how easy it now is to accomplish this oft heard request in Exchange 2010. Transport rules, introduced with Exchange 2007, provided a lot of new options for administration of mail resulting in even more requests for additional functionality. The rules now have new predicates and actions extending the possibilities of what can be done.

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